Thursday, October 8, 2009

RRJ# 5

1/ Reference:

Blackman, C. (2009, July 24 ). New invention could revolutionize how diseases are diagnosed. Physorg. Retrieved on Oct. 24, 2009, from

3/ Summary:

The article discusses a new diagnostic tool that could diagnose people's diseases in a simple way while they are at home. The article begins to discuss the two students who invented this tool, Gaster and Hall from Stanford University. This small tool diagnoses diseases from Flu to Human Immunodeficiency Virus by identifying the proteins of diseases and without doctors. The reason for inventing this tool is to use it in airports to reduce the spread of some diseases and for developing countries that usually do not have enapght doctors or even in poor countries. Gaster and Hall won and received many prizes in ceremonies in Los Angeles and New York. After that, the article discusses how Gaster and Hall planned to invent this tool and how much time they spent on it. Then, the article discusses how this tool works and what the advantages of it.

4/ Reaction:

I find the article discusses a perfect tool that help people in many ways. For example, according to the article this tool digneoses many diseases beginning with Flu and including Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The intresting infromation about this tool that is people can use it where ever they are and it does not require laboraries or doctors. Now, in my country swine Flu (H1F1) is a serious disease ; many people, if they feel that they have the Flu, immediately they go to hospitals to check their health. It is true, but sometimes it is dengoris to go to hospitals because there are possible ways to receive this disease from other patients. On the other hand, if you have this tool in your home you can check your health in any time you want and in a safe place. In addition, it is a useful tool in airports to reduce the spread of pandemics. To look at some poor countries which have a shortage of doctors and in the medical instruments or labotaries, we will find this tool could solve these problems in simple ways. Moreover, it will help people in developing countries which have crowded hospitals. Furthermore, the simple way of using this tool makes it a unique tool in the medical field. Also, this tool is not used just for dignosing diseases, but it also could used as a positive or negative pregnancy test. At the end, I find this tool could help and solve many problems in our countries, so we should encourage doctors in different countries to develop and support this tool to make it as a useful tool in the medical field.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

RRJ # 4

1/ Reference:

Belluck, P. ( 2009, Fep. 11). In new procedure, artificial arm listens to brain. The New York Times. Retrieved on Sept. 27, 2009, from /2009/02/11/health/research/ 11arm. html?scp=1&sq=In%20new%20procedure,%20artificial%20arm%20listens%20to%20brain&st=cse

3/ Summary:

The artical discusses new invention which would be a good solution for people who lost limbs or paralysis. The articale begins with the story of kitts, who lost her left arm in a car accident, and of this new invention (artificial arm). This invention can help peopl who have lost their hands to move their wrist and elbow all at the same time. In addition, the author explines the relationship between the nerves and brains, and how they could move missing limbs in people's bodies. Also, many researchers mention this invention could effecailly solve a lot of problems in the medical field. Some sergories in this field were preformed for 30 people in the United States, Canada and Europe, including eight soldiers injured in wars. There were five patients who preformed an experiment to do ten differnt movements bu using virtual arms. These movements were not as perfect as for the able-bodied Finally, research will continue to make a normal functioning of people's missing limbs.

4/ Reaction:

I find that artical discusses important research about the connction between nerves and brains. The intresting thing in this artical is how we can combine between two different scinces to solve serious problems. For example, in this artical we can infer that we have two different scinces: Engineering, which is in this artical resbonsible for the artficail arm, and the medical field, whose function to connect the artifcail arm to the brain. In addition, this search could solve alot of problems related to disabled people like missing limbs and paralysis. In my country, there are a lot people who are injured by accidents and who thier limbs or can not even move because of paralysis. Furthermore, I find another beatiful part of this search about electrical signals could help some desaises like hight blood prssuere and dibetes.diseases like these which depand on the controling can be solved with electrical signals. I find also, it is a good begining for this invention esspcailly to do ten different movemensts. Tepiecally these movements as not like able people's movements, but it is possible to develop this invention or search until the time they can make them as natural movements. As a result, many people can do their activties in perfect ways. I know one friend who had a good position in his work but he had to quite after having an accident and losing his left hand. My point is this search can help disabiled people to have good lives no matter what kinds of injuries they have.

Monday, September 28, 2009

RRJ# 3


Motavalli, J. (2009, Sept. 2). Can electrifying highways liberate electric cars from the tyranny of batteries?. The Daily Green. Retrieved on Sept. 20, 2009, from http: //

3/ Summary:

The article discusses the electric cars and how they could be one of the good solutions to avoid some problem in terms of the ability of going for long distances and avoid the traffic or accidents. The author begins the article with discussion about the people who have electronic or gas cars and how they worry about going long distance because of batteries or gas. Then, he compares Tesla cars, which can go for long distance of up to 300 miles range, with other cars but the problems with these cars are batteries. On the other hand, the Korea's Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has been inventing new vehicles with small batteries. In addition, the Israel Institute of Technology is also looking at the connection between piezoelectric ceramic and the vehicle tires. Also, Motavalli discusses what he called post mobility that allowed for vehicles to move regarding to automated highway.

4/ Reaction:

I find this article discusses important ideas about automated highways. This new studying could solve many problems on highways like traffic and accidents. In my country, the roads systems are so bad and higher percentages of deaths are because of accidents; and the number goes up by the time. Also, I think accidents are series problems in the other countries; the author mentions a steady 40,000 fatalities annually in the U.S. In addition, the effects of traffic systems on people especially in big cities are also another serious problem. In my opinion, countries should participate with this studying because it can help them to avoid economic and environmental problems. What I mean about economy is that people can convert oil cars to electric cars. In some countries like the United Stats and the United Kingdom the price of oil is so expensive, however, this research would help them to use electric cars instead of oil cars. Furthermore, this studying helps countries to a void the effect of oil cars on the environment and the pollution of air. My point is this research will take time but we should think about the positive points of it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RRJ # 2

Austen, I. (2009, Feb 13), Cycling enters the electronic age with a new gear- shifting system . The New York Times. Retrieved on Sept. 5, 2009 from 2009/02/14/ sports/cycling/14gears.html?_r=1&scp=9&sq=mechanical&st=cse

The article discusses how the bicycle will be in the future and the changing of the bicycle from the manual to the electronic system by what we call the “Gear – Shifting System”. It also discusses some benefits of the electronic bicycle like the battery and the time limit of this battery. After that, the writer ends the fourth paragraph with three obvious advantages of the electronic bicycle in terms of the performance, reliability and the cost. There were two attempt to work on the electronic system; one of them was from a French company and the other was from Compagnolo . The new version of the electronic system “Shimano”,known as “Dura-Ace Di2 7970” was from three teams in California. In addition, Bob Staplenton, an experienced amateur cyclist, talked about a test of these electronic bicycles and the result will depend on this test. The cost of the electronic bicycle starts from $1,250 up to $ 40,000 and it will use only electronic parts made by Giant company. Finally, the article mentioned the main idea of the electronic bicycle's working.

In this article I find some interesting information about the “Gear-Shifting System”of the new bicycle If we want to discuss some advantages of this system, we will find it as a perfect system not just in the bicycle but in all the mechanical devises. The main idea of this new system is to convert the mechanical “movement”energy to electronic energy. As a result, the electronic energy could move the bicycle from one place to another place over a long distance. The interesting information surprising me here is the distance; scientists have been developing the performance of the battery until you can ride it to long distance up to 1,000 miles. In my opinion, if we use these bicycles in my country especially in Jaddah or the big cities, we can avoid the traffic problem, which is a huge problem in them. From the environmental side of this new invention we can produce a lot of devices depending on the electronic energy which will reduce the environmental problems like global warming and air pollution. On the other hand, the article disappointed me in terms of cost and the speed. I think the cost of the electronic bicycle is too expensive and people with average income can not buy this bicycle but in time I think scientists will find other components with lower prices. Finally, the article does not discus the speed of the electronic bicycle and what is the speed limit that you can ride it with safety position.

RRJ# 1

1/Reference: Smyth, C.(2009, Aug 27). Synthetic trees and algae can counter climate change, say engineers. Times Online. Retrieved on Sept. 2, 2009, from

The article discusses the uses of mechanical (synthetic) trees and the algae tubes that might be one of the solutions to avoid the dangerous climate change. Some information also is given about the main idea of its working ways. After that Mr. Fox compares the natural trees and the mechanical trees in terms of the ability of removing CO2 and the performance in both of them. In addition, Mr. Lackner, a professor, has mentioned the cost of each tree and has discussed the suitable locations of them. The article also contains other solutions like the launching of giant mirrors and the painting of walls and side effect for both. The final point in the article discusses the support from the government to continue the research in this field.

It seems to me as a mechanical student that it is very interesting to read about some mechanical inventions that cold be solving problems in the environment field. I have already learned about the global warming and the side effects of using some technological devices, but this article makes me happy because now we use the technology ti solve the technology problems. Also, something surprising me in this article is the working of the mechanical trees and how can it work a thousand times more efficiently than the natural tree. I find also the algal photo bio-reactors in the built environment is a good idea and it does not cost a lot of money. In my opinion , this idea will work efficiently in the big cities and will affect on its climates. Another piece of information surprising me regarding to the article is the number of the mechanical trees that might capture all the United Kingdom's harmful gas. On the other hand the article disappointed me in terms of some important details. What i mean by details. It does not discuss the negative effect(side effect) of using them. In general, this article discusses one of the successful inventions in the mechanical world. When I read articles like this, I find myself more optimistic in life.